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Preserving Newspaper Clippings

From an old "Hints from Heloise" newspaper column

1. Mix 1 quart of club soda with two tablespoons of liquid Milk of Magnesia. Do not use M of M   tablets! They won't work. 
2. Put mixture in refrigerator for eight hours before using.
3. To use, put liquid in a shallow pan large enough to hold clipping.
4. Soak only one clipping at a time, for one hour.
5. Remove clipping carefully and place it between several layers of white paper towels to remove moisture. Do this on a flat surface.
6. You can also prevent further yellowing by applying this procedure to already yellowed clippings. They won't turn white, but this will help prevent further deterioration.
7. Results may vary depending on the makeup of the newspaper pulp. It is not all the same.
8. Use at your own risk. If they yellow anyway thirty years down the road, don't blame me (or Heloise).

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