Genalogical Collections
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Largest Genealogical Collections

That you can actually visit!

This was originally going to be a top ten list, but due to the possibility of stepping on someone's copyright, it is just a list of the largest collections; more than ten, and in alphabetical order. This is a combination of lists, by
  • Carole Callard, genealogy specialist at the Library of Michigan
  • Bill Dollarhide, publisher and author of "America's Best Genealogy Resource Centers"
  • Suzanne Guinn, genealogist & library student who originally asked me, "well where are the other   nine?"
  • Dereka Smith, librarian at the National Genealogical Society;
  • James Swan, director, Central Kansas Library System and author of "The Librarian's Guide to   Genealogical Research"
  • me.

    If you know of other large genealogy collections (state or Society), send me your opinion and I'll probably put it on this page. Thanks Suzanne for supplying many of the contact e-mail addresses and URL's.

  • The Libraries

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