4X6 Envelope for Mailing Photographs

    In my town of Grand Rapids, and at the local office supply stores, it is impossible to find envelopes the right size for mailing photographs, so I decided to design my own.

    A picture with dimensions is included. When I attempted to put a full size template up, I found that different image programs printed it differently  and one even printed the envelope too small to use!

    So here are the dimensions. You can make a full size drawing with a pen, ruler and a protractor and then make copies at Kinko’s or wherever. You can make the angles whatever you want - these made a pleasant looking envelope.

    Use an “Elmer’s School Glue Stick” or equivalent to glue the envelope together. You can even apply glue to the flap, and then lick it when you are ready to mail. Check to make sure the glue is non-toxic, of course.

You might want to try 24 pound paper or even light card stock to make the envelopes - just make sure it is well glued.
4X6 envelope

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